Sika Rugby

Fleece Separation Layer SFS in Rugby


This was a project we recently completed for NRA Roofing. This was a relatively large project 68,000 metre squared so NRA elected to use two companies to ensure the work was completed as quickly as possible. E Taylor Roofing undertook one half of the roof and Top Roofing Service Limited dealt with the other half. We’d like to pass on our regards to Pete Parkin of Top Roofing they were a great team to work alongside.

Fleece Separation Layer SFS ISO welding system with Sika Membrane was the specified system for this project and as you can see from the photos this provided an excellent finish.

E Taylor Roofing are ready to take on medium to large scale SFS ISO systems projects so please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your project requirements. E Taylor are available for work all over the U.K. (Labour only basis)